Pharmacy Technician, Customer Service

Essential Job Duties - Dispensing:
Fill daily prescription orders: punch cards, bulk items, OTCs, compounding, cassettes, prepacks, etc.
Stock and restock medication inventory
Print daily orders for the pharmacy, and print labels and delivery sheets.
Process daily shorts and punch card buckets.
Reorder the bulks and shorts.
Create and maintain the punch-card calendar and maintain the calendar board.
Receive any incoming shipment of medication and handle all related paperwork.

Essential Job Duties - Customer Service Representative:
Perform customer service work and order entry tasks under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist to deliver superior patient care and customer service. Assist the pharmacist with the day-to-day activities in a closed-door long-term care pharmacy. Support an environment that promotes optimal efficiencies, staff retention and superior quality of business office employees.
Communicate with the nursing facilities, prescriber's office and insurance plans by phone or fax to fill orders, answer questions and assure high level customer service satisfaction
Review and ensure all orders are complete before routing to order entry
Check and verify all order shorts, refill too soon file, pending orders from previous day and process
Works closely with Billing Representatives to manage and process pending order claims
Researches missing deliveries, missing medication orders, incorrect prescriptions and successfully resolve issues
Report any unresolved issues to appropriate Pharmacy personnel
Enter profile only information into patient profiles
Process orders received from electronic or faxed prescriptions and accurately enter order information in pharmacy system
Accurately calculate quantity of order to send based on requested amount or automated system
Perform data entry for implementation, reorders, new orders, PRN orders, readmissions and new admissions
Ensure orders are processed according to pharmacy cutoff times and within expected delivery windows
Prepares first dose orders including test claiming to insure accurate billing if required
Verify accurate input of all new orders, profile patients into database
Processes records of medication and equipment dispensed to resident. Compute charges and enters data in computer
Promote open communications between internal and external customers, enhance cooperative efforts, and improve pharmacy production performance

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